Public projects

San Gimignano commissioned four of Franco’s works in 1998, 2004 and most recently 2007: the first two in the Piazza del Duomo on the façade of the Palazzo del Popolo, the second on the side of the Piazza del Bagolaro opposite the civic museums and the most recent, a sculpture entitled “Viaggatore di pace” (Traveller of peace) in vicolo Diacceto.

  • Incontro

  • Single act - Atto Unico

  • Allegro con fuoco

  • Traveller of peace - Viaggiatore di pace

  • Traveller of peace - Viaggiatore di pace

“Allow me to express my deep gratitude to Franco Balducci for donating some fabulous examples of his art to our city. This gesture compels us to perceive the great human journey of art as the story of constant, convoluted change, where each authentic work is no mere repetition, but rather hints at the future without forgetting the past. It is entirely legitimate for the artist to move with the times, exploring new paths without breaking the chain of continuity with earlier periods.
In my view, the works of Franco Balducci are a bold testimony to innovation while at the same time connecting with and respecting the traditional values of the mediaeval period, of which our city is one of the most shining examples in the world. The town has decided that it should support and foster genuine research work, giving the artists an opportunity to embellish the valuable heritage handed down by those who built San Gimignano.”