Taking clay and water to create a shape, a volume in space, drying it in air and hardening it in fire, turns it into a new material, a ceramic. It is fascinating to think that for thousands of years human beings have been repeating this rite with an infinite variety of outcomes, seeking to combine function with beauty. Like a light dance, repeating these acts creates a harmony between earth and mankind.

So I indulged this need for creative play, designing and making the work and experimenting on it, thus reigniting my passion and desire, tempered by humility, to learn more from the earth and the fire, unlocking new secrets every day.

  • Evoluzione I

  • Africa

  • Africa Particolare

  • Evoluzione II

  • Incontro

  • Il Viaggiatore

  • Presepe

  • Umiltà

  • Incontro

  • Onda

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